Build. Innovate. Advance
Striving for innovation and technological advancement in an environment shaped from our love for software.
At Logicea we believe that work should mean more. Work should not take away from “life”, it should add to it. Fostering a sense of community for our team, where we are encouraged to follow our passions.

At Logicea, our people don’t just work on high-quality, global projects for our clients; they can also develop their own projects in-house at the same time.

Logicean regularly have the opportunity to travel overseas, to learn from or mentor others, and to sharpen their skills on challenging projects.

    Software development is an integral part of Logicea’s DNA, but our people here don’t just develop software — they create the kind of wonder that’s revolutionised the definition of what a software company can achieve. We share ideas and practices, embrace diversity, agility and experimentation, celebrate success and learn from our past while always aiming to provide real solutions to demanding problems.
    Logicea’s most important resource, our soul, is our people. Creating an environment that fosters our people’s growth is one of our primary goals. We engage our teams in international projects which broadens their professional horizons. We foster flexible workspaces in order to prioritize work-life balance. We support collaboration, and open feedback in order to amplify talents. Most importantly, we have created a safe, dynamic, fun, inclusive and supportive environment to incubate further success.
    We are always on the lookout for self-driven individuals who are passionate about technology, design, excited to work on challenging projects, and ready to make a difference. We are an ambitious company – always seeking to make a tangible impact for our clients as well as society at large – so it is our goal to attract and work with the brightest and most talented people in the areas in which we operate.

    We are building a community of professionals who share a common passion. The passion to innovate. We work together building on mutual trust and promoting friendly collaboration. If you exhibit Logicea’s values then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear about what you could bring to the Logicea team.
    Scrum Master
    Location: Greece
    Frontend Developer (AngularJS)
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Senior Frontend Developer (React js/Typescript)
    Location: Greece
    Senior Backend Developer (Java)
    Location: Greece