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Product Lifecycle Management and Development Services

Our experienced teams provide expert guidance on any level of product development cycle. Our clients benefit from access to our network of experts, including product architects, user experience experts, and multi-disciplinary engineers.

We Provide

  • Product Architecture Design

    We develop products that are extensible, adaptable to change, portable to different environments and have the ability to interface with other legacy systems, third party tools and frameworks. The overall functionality of a product is decomposed into well-defined functions which are then used by specific components of the product. We finally define interfaces between the components that allow them to interact together in the product as a system.
  • Product Development and Delivery

    We use cutting edge technologies and unique distributed agile development methodology to build intelligent cloud-based and mobile products. Our continuous delivery strategy allows for frequent product releases to meet market needs and changes to business strategy while gaining competitive advantage.
  • Product Management

    We identify and prioritize requirements to accelerate time to market by using incremental and iterative approach. Our light-weight, metrics-driven processes allow us to assess the maturity of agile projects and identify the areas of improvement.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing

    During product release periods, our QA teams perform continuous independent testing in parallel to development iterations. Every few days, all code has to go through detailed review and automated tests. Once code has been approved our teams perform exploratory testing, system integration testing, security testing and usability testing.
  • Reporting and Analytics

    Our advanced data visualizations are designed with the mobile explosion in mind and provide cross-device and cross-platform measurement capabilities. Interactive dashboards and real-time reporting systems can be integrated to data sources across multiple applications and databases to deliver advanced insights allowing you to make better business decisions.
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