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A nexus of converging forces (social, mobile, cloud, big data) is gaining steam and transforming business while creating new opportunities. These forces are causing organizations to seek a more collaborative, flexible and global approach. Your customers are already talking about it. Your competitors are transforming their existing products, or building new ones from scratch.

Having built successful products and acquired extensive experience, Logicea can help you conceive, architect, design, develop and continuously deliver products leveraging the forces that drive innovation.

How We Do It

We practice models that allow us to work faster while giving great focus on the actual experience being designed.

Long detailed design and development cycles are avoided in favor of very short and iterative cycles. Every member of the development team provides feedback very often and early in the development process.

Continuous integration and delivery enable even large organizations to become innovative, lean and agile. Development teams can go from an idea to production-ready code in very short time. Changes are made as more is learned about the true requirements for the software allowing our clients to quickly adapt to market shifts.

What We Do

Product Development
Our experienced teams provide expert guidance on any level of product development cycle. Our clients benefit from access to our network of experts, including product architects, user experience experts, and multi-disciplinary engineers.
Staff Augmentation
We work directly with Project Managers and HR Departments to fulfill our clients' staff augmentation needs. The assignment of the right professionals can make or break a successful team and our dedicated and designated recruiting staff will work with you to meet your needs.
Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise mobility allows employees to become more productive and gives them the freedom to work using any device possible. Enterprise mobility is not just about mobile apps but rather about a mobile business first.
User Experience Design
We help our clients achieve business goals by creating simple yet powerful user experiences. We specialize in designing inspired user experiences of complex digital or mobile products.
Logicea focuses on the strategic needs of our clients and develops specific plans that helps them support their business goals and maximize their ROI.
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