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About Us

Change happens daily. Some are reluctant to adapt to it and stay behind. Others see it as an opportunity and advance. We love change. We help our clients incorporate it to their business.

Logicea provides product development, staff augmentation and consulting services. Whether working on project-based assignments or on augmenting existing development teams, Logicea's unique use of disruptive technology and user-centered approach helps our clients transform their businesses and accelerate their growth. We use cutting edge technologies and unique distributed agile development methodology to build intelligent cloud-based and mobile products.

You can find us in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our development center (code named "Keevosh" derived from the Greek word for cube) is located 5,125 miles east, in Athens, Greece.

Our Values

    • Trusted Relationships

    • Customer Value Creation

    • Social Impact

    • Team Growth

    We thrive to create "new values" for our clients, not just "new products". We get deeply involved with our clients and we build working partnerships which are reliable, cost effective and ultimately foster innovation.

    We take pride in every project we get involved with and we invest time and money to fully understand the goals of our clients' business and what drives value to them.

    We operate in areas where we feel a connection with the local communities. We try to educate and inspire individuals to make a local and worldwide impact.

    We maximize on the talents of our team and we create tomorrow's high valued entrepreneurs!

The Logicea Difference

  • Collective Success

    The problem with most companies is that they are organized in silos and they remain focused on their own goals. We take a totally different approach. We are constantly engaged with our clients and we create common agendas. Achieving collective success takes commitment, careful planning, knowledge transfer and focused execution. Most important though, it requires a personal touch.
  • Holistic Approach

    Our experienced teams provide expert guidance on any level of product development cycle. Our clients benefit from access to our network of experts, including product architects, user experience experts, and multi-disciplinary consultants.
  • User Experience

    We focus on providing intuitive user experiences! Our designs empower users to understand products at a glance and complete tasks faster! Everyone promises "intuitive" interfaces through some wonder design. Most fail to understand that "intuitive" user experience is all about simplicity.
  • Cohesive Team

    Headquartered in the Washington D.C. metro area, Logicea's team of experienced and dedicated professionals is next to our clients throughout the entire development and support process. We offer the local presence required to effectively manage projects undertaken, while ensuring language, or cultural issues, are not a setback.

    Our development center is based in Athens, Greece, which is known for its extensive talent and innovative thinking. Most members of our team have lived and worked abroad. They share with our clients the broad knowledge they have acquired by doing business in the international market.

  • Innovation Driven

    Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and it begins with our people. We hire and work with great individuals who constantly like to challenge and reinvent themselves. We continuously raise our standards of excellence to stay at the top of current technologies and methodologies.

Keevosh Labs

That is where magic happens! Keevosh is the codename for our development center based in Athens, Greece. At Keevosh we leverage modern development practices to build rich and engaging experiences across all platforms. Our practice models allow us to work faster while giving great focus on the actual experience being designed. We focus on developing well-engineered software delivered in an iterative manner.

The Keevosh team consists of architecture experts, designers, developers and consultants with good communication skills. We are proud to have built a team known for its attitude, integrity, ability to adapt, passion to innovate and drive to make an impact.

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